Gators Intermediate Boys and Girls

We have a number of clubs in the Canterbury Region who provide opportunities for people to play, coach, officiate and manage teams.

Tier One Clubs provide a pathway from miniball (Year 3/4) all the way up to senior level players, and have teams for both male and females

  • Checkers (North-Western area of Christchurch)
  • Gators (Western area of Christchurch)
  • North Canterbury (Region north of the Waimakariri River)
  • Pioneer (Southern area of Christchurch)


We are working with the following clubs to tie in all of their pathway to become a tier one club as well:


Our Other Clubs currently serve a smaller section of our community:

Wolverines vs Pioneer All Stars
Wolverines vs Pioneer All Stars


Lastly, over 80% of schools that cater for Years 9-13 are involved in our competitions, and/or aligned with one of the clubs linked above. Please contact your Sports Coordinator at school to find out how to get involved there.