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Information on the 2018 Junior All Star Club League

2018 Junior All Star Competition Draw

Rules and Reminders Junior All Star Club League 2018


We have some quite substantial changes proposed for junior club basketball in 2018, which are now all confirmed:

  • Proposal One – Junior Finals Day: weekend before teams go to Junior Secondary School Premierships (August 25) All Grades U17 and younger, including All Stars.
  • Proposal Two – BU13: add this grade due to the amount of requests from interested players in a competition for this age group. Shorter than adult, but longer than All Stars (June 9 – 25 August would have a max of 10 rounds).
  • Proposal Three – GU15: added for similar reasoning to the BU13 grade. Current issue – need for Sunday courts in interim (before four courts at Celebration Stadium are ready).
  • Proposal Four – alter All Star levels: remove Y7/8 Boys and Girls (now catered by BU13 and GU15, split Y5/6 Boys into Y5 and Y6 competitions. Keep girls as Y5/6 until clubs demonstrate increased number of trialists would benefit from grades splitting.
  • Proposal Five – All stars play two games each Sunday: multiple coaching sessions no longer needed due to the increase in ability of coaches here (working out most effective way to still offer some coach development). Would mean opening round of this competition happens on the second weekend after the July Holidays finish (5 August), and finals take place on Junior Finals Day (25 August – Saturday). There will be one week where the teams still only play once

Example Schedule (note, only the 11:00 am games play once on the day) – Pioneer Stadium:

Tip Time Sunday 5 August Sunday 12 August Sunday 19 August
0830 Y5 Boys Y6 Boys Y5/6 Girls
0945 Y6 Boys Y5/6 Girls Y5 Boys
1100 Y5/6 Girls Y5 Boys Y6 Boys
1215 Y5 Boys Y6 Boys Y5/6 Girls
1330 Y6 Boys Y5/6 Girls Y5 Boys


  • Grand Final: Saturday August 25 (approximately 8:00am – 10:30am) Cowles Stadium. The top two teams from each competition will play in the final as part of the CBA Club Grand Finals Day at Cowles Stadium.
  • Coach Development – Lori McDaniel will be available to come out to each Junior All Star Club and run a session for their three teams and coaches. She will be in contact to organize this with you.

If your club/venue is potentially open to having players from other venues playing, please let james@canterburybasketball.co.nz know and I will communicate that to the other venues on your behalf.



Player Eligibility:

  • Players must play for the junior club where their school competes in (or if their school does not enter a team, where they do play in a composite team).
  • If a player takes part in two competitions, the club where their school plays takes precedence over a composite team.
  • If a player is not selected for their junior club team, these players can have their names sent through to the CBA by the administrator for their Junior Club, which will then make these players available to other clubs that require a few more players. (In the past Selwyn and Cowles have needed a few more players, so additional players are likely to go to one of those two clubs first).


  • Each team is charged $375 (GST inclusive)
  • Any gym hire or coaching payments will be responsibility of each club to calculate and charge out